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The Early Years

The original Cal squash courts were built in the 1930's. From 1933 to 1967 Ralfe D. Miller taught squash at Cal.

The UC Squash Racquets Club was officially formed in 1968 by Dick Crawford. Squash took off in popularity at Cal in the 70's as a result of an active NorCal Squash association and the efforts of Dick Crawford to pull players off the tennis courts and onto the squash courts.


Formation of the Women's Team

Over the years a women's team has existed and disbanded at Cal. The first women's team was in 1980. Once again a women's team emerged in 2001.

However it was the the formal creation of a Women's Squash club and team that occurred in 2008 that led to a longstanding women's squash program at Cal. The 2008 team was largely a result of efforts by Coach Ashley Kayler and the inaugural team captain, Zarina Khan.

Cal Men's Squash Teams

Cal Women's Squash Teams

History of Coaches

Dick Crawford coached the team over a span of 25 years, from 1968 until his retirement as the tennis and squash instructor at Cal in 1993. During a break in that period, Kris Surano, Rob Kritzer, and Dickon Pownall-Gray served as coaches from 1980-1984.

The squash club went into hibernation from 1994-1996, until Ashley Kayler became coach in 1996. Coach Kayler coached the team for 15 years from 1996-2010. For many of those years, Mike Jensen-Akula was the assistant coach. From 2006-2007 Armando Olguin was the the co-coach. From 2008-2009 Reed Slater was the assistant coach.

Since 2010, the Cal Women's team has been coached by Lauren Patrizio, Daniel Reisman has recently began coaching the team too. The men's team has had a series of coaches: Busani Xaba, Thomas Lowish, Eric Katerman, and Daniel Reisman.

Notable Teams & Accomplishments

National Intercollegiate Team Championships:

1993 Summers Cup (C Division) Champions

1992 Summers Cup (C Division) Champions

1991 Summers Cup (C Division) Champions

1989 Conroy Cup (D Division) Champions

Tournaments at Cal

Ralfe D. Miller Squash Tournament

U.C. Berkeley Open Squash Tournament

Players that went professional

Victor Niederhoffer

Ted Gross

Jim Huebner

John Lau

    Over 35 National Champion 1991
    Over 35 National Champion 1992

Other outstanding players

Paul Gessling

Ashley Kayler

Todd Wirsching

Paul Kohler

Alumni Matches

2019 Team 8 - Alumni 8

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